The Plaka District, or simply “Plaka”, is the historic heart of Athens and one of the most popular neighbourhoods to visit to experience authentic Greek culture. It’s a typical Cycladic town that features white houses and great sunset views from its western edge. Despite the large crowds of both tourists and Athenians visiting the tavernas and shops on the narrow, winding streets, it has retained its feel of a residential neighbourhood. The oldest continually inhabited area of Athens, Plaka is located at the foot of the Acropolis.


15 Years ago we decided to bring a small taste of Plaka to South Calgary, opening our Shawnessy location. Our philosophy was simple; use high quality ingredients prepared in the time honoured ways of Greek cuisine, served in a casual but elegant atmosphere while offering the customer a good value.  As well, we can proudly say that our cuisine showcases the benefits of the Mediterranean diet.  Our staples in the kitchen include Olive oil, garlic, oregano and many other herbs, lemons, natural Greek feta and other cheeses, we never use MSG, and much of our Menu is naturally gluten free. With the support of the good people in Calgary and the surrounding communities, and a little hard work we are still putting smiles on our friends faces and look forward to serving you in Okotoks for many years to come!